Turkisfund (SICAV)

With its shares denominated in Euros, the Turkisfund (SICAV), was the first mutual fund in Europe to invest solely in the Turkish capital markets, and circulates in all EU member countries. It offers a great opportunity for investors domiciled overseas to invest into the Turkey's capital markets with the help of the leading asset management company.

Founded by Isbank GmbH in 1997, Turkisfund is an open ended collective investment scheme that complies with EU regulations governing collective investments in transferable securities (UCITS). Under this umbrella, there are two categories of sub-funds:


  • Turkisfund (SICAV) is offered for sale via Fastnet, Caceis, Isbank GmbH Germany, Isbank London, Isbank GmbH Holland, Maxis Securties, Fund Channel, MFEX, Nasdaq OMX, Avanza Bank, Clearstream – VESTIMA, and Euroclear-FundSettle platforms
  • Turkisfund (SICAV) Equities, Turkisfund (SICAV) Bonds are recognized by international rating companies such as S&P and Lipper.
  • The year 2006 was an important year for Turkisfund SICAV funds in preparing for future growth and positive performance. Our company, in line with its strategic work plans, successfully adopted UCITS III (Undertakings for the Collective Investment of Transferable Securities) directives.
  • After the compliance process ended, Turkisfund (SICAV) which is structured within the framework of European Union Directives was granted the right to be distributed in all EU member countries. In July 2011, Turkisfund (SICAV) was brought into full compliance with the requirements of UCITS IV, the most recent directive governing the conditions under which collective investment schemes' transferable securities may be freely marketed in all EU countries.