Investment Advisory Services

Prior to choosing your investments, would you like to benefit from the advice of a professional team of İş Asset Management?

The right product at the right time ; Investment product diversification is provided for each risk/return profile. Having said that İş Asset Management offers various investment solutions that address all client profiles. In a globalizing world, it is possible to access information from a number of sources. However, the more rapid flow of data raises the importance of accurate interpretation of information. The financial markets offer a variety of product alternatives under risk groups. Well-equipped and experienced professionals have a clear advantage in analyzing these variables and what effect they could have on the financial products in the future. İş Asset Management's expert investment advisors are with you in deciding which strategy might add more value to your investments.

Advantages of Investment Advisory Services for Your Investments

Professional investment advisors offer investors the opportunity to exploit their assets through investment products which fit their own risk/return preferences. As product diversity increases, the proper and timely selection of the right strategy gains importance in ensuring strong performances. The need for professional advisors has become more pronounced in terms of portfolio efficiency and risk diversification.
With this approach, our clients' investment needs and their preferences are our main focus. Hence reaching the highest client satisfaction is our primary target.
Clients are regularly updated on the recent market conditions. An assessment is carried out to determine whether or not the current investment strategy complies with economic and financial circumstances. Based on the mutual discussions with our clients, their investment strategy is updated and modifications are made between investment products.
Which fund to choose depending on your risk/return expectations?

Suitability Test/Appropriateness Test-With these tests, we determine your risk profile and offer the most appropriate fund basket for you.

The definition of SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator)- The synthetic risk and reward indicator shall be based on the volatility of the fund. Volatility shall be estimated using the weekly past returns of the fund or, if not otherwise possible, using the monthly returns of the fund. The synthetic risk and reward indicator will correspond to an integer number designed to rank the fund over a scale from 1 to 7, according to its increasing level of volatility. The aforementioned scale is calculated based on past performance of the funds hence; it is not necessarily a guide to the future performance and the value of investments. Risk values of the funds can always rapidly change. Even the lowest risk value does not suggest the related funds do not carry any risks. For more information, please refer to the