Why Invest in This Fund
The fund’s main investment objective is to offer an alternative to its investors who would like to obtain interest free gains. At least %80 of the fund’s portfolio mainly consists of lease certificates and private debt instruments issued by the Under secretariat For The Treasury. The fund aims to provide revenues by investing in interest free money market and other related capital market instruments.
Fund Overview
Establishment Date 17.12.2015
Transfer Date 01.07.2015
Fund Code IAT
Total Net Asset Value 74,338,625.46
Unit Price (TRL) 0.040952
SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) 2
Standard Deviation 0.0006
Benchmarking Standard Deviation 0.000474
Minimum Purchasing Quantity 1
Minimum Selling Quantity 1
Annual Management Fee 1.75 %
Fund Manager Barış Keskin

Asset Breakdown (%)
Returns from 01.07.2015 to 05.05.2021
Net Returns (%)
Benchmark Returns (%)
Benchmark Description
%90 BIST-KYD Government Lease Certificates + %5 BIST-KYD 1 Month Profit Share Index + %5 BIST-KYD Corporate Lease Certificates
SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) Level
Fund SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) = 2
The synthetic risk and reward indicator shall be based on the volatility of the fund.
The synthetic risk and reward indicator will correspond to an integer number designed to rank the fund over a scale from 1 to 7, according to its increasing level of volatility.