Why Invest in This Fund
At least 80% of the fund's total value is constantly invested in FX denominated debt instruments and lease certificates issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and domestic issuers' money and capital market instruments.
Fund Overview
Establishment Date 19.09.2018
Transfer Date -
Fund Code IDF
Total Net Asset Value 550,360,991.41
Unit Price (USD) 1.123125
SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) 5
Standard Deviation -
Benchmarking Standard Deviation -
Minimum Purchasing Quantity 1
Minimum Selling Quantity 1
Annual Management Fee 1.00 %
Fund Manager Özgür Sungu

Asset Breakdown (%)
Returns from to 31.05.2020
Net Returns (%)
Treshold %
Fund's threshold value is 90% BIST-KYD Corporate Eurobond USD + 10 BIST-KYD Government Eurobond USD index
SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) Level
Fund SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) = 5
The synthetic risk and reward indicator shall be based on the volatility of the fund.
The synthetic risk and reward indicator will correspond to an integer number designed to rank the fund over a scale from 1 to 7, according to its increasing level of volatility.