Why Invest in This Fund
The fund aims to provide real returns in TL terms in medium(long run. To this end the fund could invest in both domestic and foreign markets.
Fund Overview
Establishment Date 02.04.1993
Transfer Date 01.07.2015
Fund Code TI7
Total Net Asset Value 14,916,640.94
Unit Price (TRL) 8.384667
SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) 3
Standard Deviation 0.0042
Benchmarking Standard Deviation 0.003060
Minimum Purchasing Quantity 1
Minimum Selling Quantity 1
Annual Management Fee 2.00 %
Fund Manager Özgür Sungu
*Values are updated on every second work day of each month

Asset Breakdown (%)
Returns from 01.07.2015 to 18.08.2019
Net Returns (%)
Benchmark Returns (%)
Benchmark Description
Fund's threshold value is KYD Deposit Index + 1,5%
SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) Level
Fund SRRI (Synthetic Risk Return Indicator) = 3
The synthetic risk and reward indicator shall be based on the volatility of the fund.
The synthetic risk and reward indicator will correspond to an integer number designed to rank the fund over a scale from 1 to 7, according to its increasing level of volatility.