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Our strength comes from;
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We offer Client-specific Solutions

For clients' portfolios, we set up investment strategies that best fit their risk/return expectations and market conditions. We rapidly adapt our clients' investment strategies to changing economic conditions.

We create alternative return opportunities for our clients.

We aim to increase returns on portfolios and ensure steady and permanent growth in assets through alternative investment instruments that fit clients' risk profiles.

The benchmark is a criterion based on the returns of financial assets that fit the client’s investment preferences and restrictions, and against which the success of the return of the client’s portfolio is measured. The benchmark criterion, created according to the client’s investment preferences, also determines the risk profile of the client. Available benchmarks that may fit investors’ investment strategy are summarized as follows:

The KYD (Institutional Investment Managers’ Association) Bond Indices (182-day KYD, 365-day KYD and KYD All Index, etc.) are used as benchmarks for portfolios, which predominantly invest in fixed income securities in line with the investment strategy.

For portfolios with equities in their investment strategies, the Borsa Istanbul Indices (BIST 100, BIST 30, etc.) are used as benchmarks.

For portfolios with foreign securities in their investment strategies, the benchmarks (Bloomberg and Eurostoxx indices, the Treasury bond indices of foreign countries and the equity indices of foreign countries, etc.) that are appropriate for such financial assets are used.

For the portfolios including private sector borrowing instruments in their investment strategies, the KYD Fixed and/or Variable Corporate Bond Index is applied.

For the portfolios including FX-based investment products, Eurobond indices (KYD Eurobond indices (USD) KYD Eurobond indices (USD/TL) KYD Eurobond indices (EUR) and KYD Eurobond indices (EUR/TL) are used.

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Management Pricing Structure:

Investment Management Commission
Investment management commission is calculated on the average portfolio amount and collected at the end of each quarter (March, June, September and December on the last business day).

Performance Fee
Performance fee calculation is based on the relative return which is derived from the difference between the portfolio and the “benchmark criteria” at the end of year or management period.

Costs and Commissions
The transaction costs and commissions are priced by and paid to the intermediaries directly during the management of the portfolios.

Clients who have a certain level of investment and a need for professional services may benefit from asset management solutions through the "Tailor Made Private Funds". For our individual customers, this fund allows family assets to be managed professionally and be transferred to the next generation. For our institutional clients, the fund provides capital accumulation.
Tailor made private funds are established specifically for individuals and/or family members according to their risk/reward expectations. All participant shares are allocated to the individual or the corporation which receives the service. The investment strategy and restrictions of the fund are clearly specified in the fund prospectus. Investors are updated regarding the management of their assets on a regular basis, and take part in any investment strategy changes.

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By utilizing the agency relationship with Isbank Private Banking Business Unit, Private Banking Clients can benefit from our private asset management services and private fund products within the framework of specialized private banking branches.

Because of the similar requirements of private banking and asset management clients, the Isbank Private Banking Unit and Is Asset Management have partnered to access clients more effectively. To this end, an agency relationship has been founded and “agency” activities were initiated.

The need for discretionary asset management increases at times when financial markets become more volatile or interest rates decline or when it becomes more challenging to reach investment decisions given different investment alternatives.

With this cooperation, select Isbank private banking clients who need special asset management are given an introduction to asset management activities with the objective of increasing client satisfaction through creating higher added value.


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Would you like to analyze our suggested portfolios for every risk level?  

• Personal portfolio management services designed according to your preferences
• Private investment models designed for different risk levels  

Together with our Asset Manager, let’s discuss the currency you would like to invest in and your risk level, and then choose the most suitable investment model for you.  

• Conservative Model
• Balanced Model
• Stable-Intermediate Model
• Aggressive Model  

Private Fund for Investors

 Has your investment volume reached a significant size and you need a more professional approach for the management of your investments?  

We have expertise in client specific and customized investment solutions in line with the clients’ risk/return preferences, leading to customized asset management services. We base our investment decisions on a solid investment process. Therefore, to meet diverse client needs we offer alternative products in order to create return opportunities.

 Now, we can set up a Private Fund that will exactly match your specific investment needs and which will take your family’s financial assets and cash flow into account.